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New Balance

Resole America is proud to be NB's referral point for resoling various running shoes. With advanced midsole technologies, we can often resole the 990 series once or twice before the cushioning deteriorates. The 990 Series is truly an iconic shoe, certainly a cornerstone of NB's success over the years. If you're a hard "heel striker," and don't have to have a new pair every 500 miles, resoling makes sense.
New Balance began as a Boston- based arch support company in the early 1900's and has developed into a leading global athletic products company. They produce superior footwear in all widths and sizes with the belief that a better fit produces better performance.

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We Know you’re busy. So Resole America makes it easy to order. Just complete your order form, print your UPS ROW Label, and get the package into the UPS stream. Your shoes will be back in 8-10 business days.

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New Balance
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