Resole Leather Soled Shoes

Better leather shoes are truly an investment, and maintaining your footwear with an exceptional resoling partner makes sense.  We would like to be that partner.  

If your thin-soled Italian loafers have returned from the local cobbler  witha giant slab of leather somehow attached to the bottom, you need us.  We import “flex” leather directly from the tanners in Italy, and the result is something that our customers call “better than new”… because they’re already broken in.  

Have a pair of those “substantial” American made leather shoes from Wisconsin?  We will relast, recork, resole, and refinish.  With the finest materials available, and all in less than two weeks.

We specialize in Cole Haan, Bally, Santoni, Johnston & Murphy, Bruno Magli, Ferragamo, Mezlan, and shoes carried by better retailers like Nordstrom.

Full Sole & Heels: Super Prime leather soles and correct replacement heels, plus factory refinish
Half soles & Heels: same as above

Combination Full Soles & Heels: Super Prime leather with rubber “insert” in the forefoot area
Flex Leather: Thin, brown, drum dyed leather imported from Italy. Great for the really premium brands.

Heels: Rubber or Combination heels (leather with rubber plug in the back half)
Sole Savers: very thin rubber “half sole” that many people put on brand new shoes to preserve the outsole, and provide better traction.

Easy Ordering for Busy People

We Know you’re busy. So Resole America makes it easy to order. Just complete your order form, print your UPS ROW Label, and get the package into the UPS stream. Your shoes will be back in 8-10 business days.

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Type of Shoe Price Select

Full Soles & Heels: Men $55.00
Full Soles & Heels: Women $55.00
Half Soles & Heels: Men $50.00
Half Soles & Heels: Women $45.00
Flex Leather Soles & Heels $65.00
Combination Full Soles & Heels $60.00
Riding - Leather Sole $60.00
Riding - Rubber Ripple Sole $60.00
Vibram Conversion $60.00
Heels: Rubber ONLY $15.00
Heels: Combination/Leather ONLY $18.00
Sole Savers $18.00
Womens Heel Tips $12.00
Womens Heel Tips Large $15.00