Resole My Clarks!

Clarks remains the exclusive factory authorized refurbishing center—for more than 2 decades! Natureveldts, Air Movers, Falcons, and Wallabees  are processed everyday by our Clarks technicians, who have been doing this for… 2 decades!

Airsoles:   Natureveldts, Air Movers, and some other styles where the soles are clearly stitched directly to the uppers. 

Falcon:  Clarks upscale boat shoes can be resoled with original outsoles and insoles

Crepe:  We rebuild with Clarks approved plantation crepe… get that squishy feeling again! Wallabees, Desert boots, and others

Easy Ordering For Busy People

We Know you’re busy. So Resole America makes it easy to order. Just complete your order form, print your UPS ROW Label, and get the package into the UPS stream. Your Clarks shoes will be in-house for 2-3 weeks.

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Type of Shoe Price Select

Airsoles $60.00
Falcon Boat Shoes $50.00
Crepe $60.00